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With only two off ramps off I-10 and just over 1800 permanant residents, Quartzsite, AZ becomes the third largest city. by population, in the state of Arizona during the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show. The POW WOW, plus several other major rock & mineral shows and flea markets, has made Quartzsite a "MUST-SEE" destination for a million+ people, annually, for the past 4+ decades!


 Here is a link to an article that appeared in the Arizona Republic in January of 2011 about things to see and do in La Paz County.


Town of Quartzsite (928) 927-4333 or 4400 - Official Web Site for the Town of Quartzsite. (Includes show dates, schedules, times, etc.)


Motels in Quartzsite


Beautiful photo/art on this website of Quartzsite. Excellent!!!


 Wikepedia information about Quartzsite

  Celia's Rainbow Gardens One of the real treasures of Quartzsite.




 Here is an interesting website with lots of photos of Quartzsite.


Blythe, California Chamber of Commerce - (760) 922-8166


More Blythe info. More phone numbers and info @ BoondockingGuide.com  Also, cityofblythe.com .



More info on campgrounds and BLM campsites.


Many Arizona RV Parks with Web pages.


Rice Ranch - 40 acre dry campground & selling area directly across the street from our show and Tyson Wells (928) 927-8118


Info about BLM camping @ 928-317-3200 Photo of BLM area that borders our show grounds to the South. More info @ BoondockingGuide.com

 Here is a link to a story that ran in The National Geopgraphic many yeras ago. I'm still a little upset that they used an aerial view shot of my show and never gave us a mention, but "what the hey", it ain't that bad eaither...


Quartzsite Arizona Roadrunner Rock Club - Established in 1960, the is the nation's largest rock & gem club.



Quartzsite POW-WOW - Quartzsite Improvement Association (QIA) - (928) 927-6325. This is the show that started it all in 1967. Strictly rock & mineral related exhibitors and is a 5 day show.


Tyson Wells Sell-A-Rama (928) 927-6364 - One of the larger annual shows. A very clean and well managed Rock & Mineral Show. They do three shows annually. Visit their Web Site.


Arizona Outback Quartzsite information.


Here's another page with some good stuff and links about Quartzsite.



The view of Quartzsite from 7 miles out, coming from the East. Photo is courtesy of Bert and Sharon Frenz. Please visit their web site.


Here are some photos of Q Mountain including a satellite photo.

  DESERT GARDENS INTERNATIONAL ROCK GEM AND MINERAL SHOW  This is one of the last (plus the Pow Wow & Tyson Wells) "hard core" rock & mineral shows left in town.



Here's another site with pictures and information related to the famous local camel driver Hi Jolly (actually Hadji Ali) who's tomb is located in Quartzsite. Site 1



Here is another web site with great photos and two RVers perspective of Quartzsite.



One more site with a satellite photo of Quartzsite and a slide-show with several photos from the Main Event.



Here are some photos of "Downtown Quartzsite" circa 1908.


Here's a link to the Quartzsite Museum by the Quartzsite Historical Society.





Current weather information & 5 to 7 day forecast for Blythe, CA & Quartzsite.